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Connecting designers with coders for a better job

CodeMyTemplate is a place where designers come and showcase their design templates needed to be coded into functional websites and/or apps.

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Upload your design template

Post your design by uploading your preview files. Make sure they’re in the JPG or PNG format. Give it a try now!

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Your design template is online!

After carefully reviewing your design files and your template details, we go ahead and post it on our website.

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Connect with coding professionals

As soon as your design template is online, people will notice it and start sending you requests to turn it into a live and functional website or app. Pick a coder to start working on your design.

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Mark Job as Done!

Your design template is now a brand new functional website or app. Mark the job as done and make sure to leave some rating for the coder that accomplished the task.

A More Effective Collaboration

We bring together DESIGNERS and CODERS

Who benefits: coders

Every single day hundreds of designs are made, and some of them find their way here, so as a coder you get a chance of winning new coding jobs.

Fast & Reliable Coders

Who benefits: web designers

Our goal is to build a professional network comprised of the best freelance coders out there, picked by hand.

Commission FREE

Who benefits: coders

We know how wrong it is when a big chunk of your hard-earned money goes to other parties. We offer a commision FREE environment, so you can focus more on delivering great work.

No Bidding Wars

Who benefits: web designers

Forget about countless proposals, as each design template gets only 10 requests from coders.

Be Part of a More Effective Collaboration

Are you a freelance Designer or Coder? Don't waste another minute and get on board!

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